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Understanding Therapy

It is important to me that clients feel they're able to be informed before they step into the experience of therapy.  Whether it is with me, or you ultimately choose a different therapist, I want to remove some of the mystery surrounding it and what therapist are trying to do.  Hopefully you will get a sense of the answer to the question "How does therapy help people, anyway?"

Here I go into some of the details about how therapy is intended to work.  Not every therapist thinks exactly the same way, but I believe that these pages present a fairly objective informational resource.  If you are wondering what approach I take, that depends on discussing the issues with each individual client and assessing their needs along with a discussion about what path they feel like they want to take.

The information is split into two pages.  On the first page, I discuss the foundations for a psychological approach to therapy.  On the second, I briefly discuss how different modes of therapy fit into this, and why there are so many different types of therapy to begin with.

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